What makes African Mango different from other dietary supplements?

The power of valuable ingredients

African Mango - fruit growing in Cameroon African Mango supplement is made from the extraordinary fruit that grows mainly in Cameroon: the African mango.

Mango fruit is rich in many valuable vitamins, including:

  • antioxidants such as vitamins C and E
  • vitamins B6 and K,
  • B vitamins,
  • polyphenols,
  • provitamin A,
  • carotenoids, potassium,
  • copper,
  • 17 amino acids,
  • omega 3 and 6-polyunsaturated fatty acids.

There are many varieties of this noble fruit, but the active extract that supports weight loss is obtained from the seeds of African mango that grows in the rainforests of West Africa.

African Mango seeds (Irvingia Gabonensis) The most valuable parts of the African mango fruit are the seeds, which are called "Dikka nuts" by the native inhabitants. The famous extract, which is a mixture of polyphenols, minerals and vitamins that positively affects hormonal balance, is obtained exactly from these seeds.

Scientists believe that an extract of African mango seeds (Irvingia Gabonensis) contributes to a significant improvement of metabolic parameters by:

  • removing harmful toxins from the body,
  • lowering blood cholesterol levels,
  • reducing appetite,
  • burning fat tissue and stopping its production.

Miraculous effects of polyphenols found in African mango

Mango fruit from West African rain forests Polyphenols are a varied class of organic chemicals (flavones, flavonols, flavanoms, catechins, tannins and phenolic acids) used to treat many ailments. The mixture of polyphenols, vitamins and minerals found in African mango effectively unblocks cell receptors. Therefore, it increases our sensitivity to leptin and insulin and protects us from the creation of new fat cells. Polyphenols are also responsible for increasing the levels of leptin in the blood, which is a hormone secreted into the blood that regulates food intake. Moreover, thanks to the properties of polyphenols, lipolysis processes are intensified. This means that the body can use the fat stored earlier and prevent the build up of new fat.

African Mango dietary supplement contains up to 600 mg of pure African mango extract! This means the product is the most effective among dietary weight loss supplements.

It is made only from the fruit, which is full of vitamins and minerals and can only be found in the West African rainforest.